Hello, world!


My name is Milan Petrov (Милан Петров, 佩特羅夫 米蘭).

In my first speech to the humanity, I would like     to say:

My parents, Leonid Petrov and Xueqin Wang translated my speech this way:

I was born 400 petaseconds after the Big Bang, more precisely on 2010.04.19T12:08:13.5 ± 0.7 TAI, on the third planet that rotates around a star of spectral class G3. That star, called Sun, is located in a spectacular supergiant spiral galaxy. Apparently, the planet is habitable, and I can attest the air is breathable.
I am a very small boy, only 1.62 ± 0.04 · 10-17 parsec long.
My mass is 1.678 ± 0.001 · 10-30 Solar mass.
The Universe where I came in is rather big, I have a lot of things to explore.

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